4 Ways to Get Out of a Color Rut

Have you ever been in a color rut and just didn’t know how to get out of it? Or are you there now? Being in a rut like this really messes with my sewjo! I think all quilters can relate to these questions, so today I’m sharing four ways to get out of a color rut. Here’s how I got here:

I’ve been organizing my online photo albums and have been looking at pictures of my quilts over the years. I’ve noticed very distinct trends in my color preferences. At one time, I loved putting bright colors on black backgrounds to make the colors really pop. Then it was those same bright colors on white backgrounds. (I wasn’t much for switching things up!) Then there was a black and white phase, a rainbow phase, and an “all the colors” phase. Now I’m working through the Playful Color Quilt Guild exercises to really refine and define my color style.

But there were still times I just looked at all my fabric and couldn’t create anything without getting stuck in that groove I was already in. It was frustrating because I really admired quilts in other color ways. I just couldn’t figure out how to get there. These ideas came to me as I was putzing around aimlessly in my studio one day. I hope they help you.

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