Monthly Reports

July Studio Recap

July was busy everywhere but in the studio. As I was going through my photo reel, I really only did one sewing session. I’ll share that in this recap and all the other things we’ve been up to.

Happy Birthday America

me and sir in front of the White House

Sir was lucky enough to get tickets to the 4th of July celebration at the White House. We had a lot of fun listening to music and watching the fireworks. It was super hot, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Read More…

Spring Studio Recap

Whew! It’s been a busy couple months here in the studio, and I’m blown away by how much I have to share with you. Since I didn’t have time to break the months up, you’re getting a spring studio recap. Buckle up, friends.

In the Studio

For covering two months, this section isn’t going to be that long. Family, learning, and my idiot cat have kept me very busy.

Welcome Home Quilt

full size Welcome Home quilt

First up is the Welcome Home quilt. Sir’s parents are building their retirement home right now. And when I say “building,” I mean they bought a floor plan and are using their own hands and backs to build their retirement home. Of course they have help from time, but I’m so impressed with what they are doing. I used the Cream and Sugar quilt pattern from It’s Sew Emma to make this for their housewarming present. It was done just in time to give it to them when they came to visit at the beginning of June. I have a ton of great pictures that I’ll share once I can catch my breath. Read More…

Monthly Report: February 2018

You know the saying “the days are long, but the years are short”? I don’t feel like that’s true at all! I think about it being March already and start to feel like 2018 is almost over. Maybe that’s just me. Who knows?! But I did get a lot done this month. You can read about last month too.

Know what I didn’t do? Take pictures of the two quilts I finished this month. We’ve had nothing but rain and cloudy days here, and it’s been horrible for photography. Even my indoor pictures need a little sunshine outside to brighten up the room. So this month’s finishes are showing pictures in progress.

This Month’s Projects

Milky Way sampler quilt top

My Milky Way sampler quilt top.

Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts hosted the Milky Way sampler quilt along last year. Every block was paper pieced, and I really struggle with this technique. I figured having a dedicated project would improve my skills and my confidence. I was right. This is one of the projects I haven’t been able to photograph yet. I echo quilted around the stars, and I can’t wait to get some good pictures of it soon! Read More…

Monthly Report: January 2018

The first month of the new year has come to an end. Are you the type to make new year’s resolutions? Or do you do like me and just kind of wing it? ¬†While my goal-making skills are “loose” at best, I do keep track of what I do in life so I can make sure I’m spending my time on things that are important to me. Like quilting!

I spent time quilting or working on quilting-related projects all but two days this month. That’s pretty awesome! Since I do keep track of my quilt life, I thought I would share a recap of this month’s projects.

This Month’s Projects

Three scrap buckets on a shelf.

Scrappy Scrap Buckets

I’m slowly starting to organize my scraps so I can actually use them. What a better start than with scrappy scrap buckets. The pattern is from Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. Amanda Jean is the scrap guru behind Crazy Mom Quilts, so I knew her pattern would be perfect! Three down, and who knows how many to go. Read More…

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