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Ellen the Unicorn Quilt

I’m super excited to share my Ellen the Unicorn quilt! A while ago, I had a graphic designer leave my team at work. I was really bummed to see Ellen leave. She was so creative and had such a great personality within our team. She really was a unicorn! So when I saw the unicorn pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, I knew I needed to make an Ellen the Unicorn quilt.

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Navigation: My Perfect HST Quilt and Mini

I finally finished piecing, basting, quilting, binding, and photographing Navigation: my Perfect HST quilt and its mini! I started this at the beginning of last year when the amazing Lee Heinrich came out with the Perfect Half-Square Triangle templates and hosted a quilt along that used these amazing pieces of paper.

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Thread Thursday 6: Sir EPP Mini Quilt

Over winter break, Sir and I went through our closet to put together a pile for donation. I grabbed one of his shirts off the pile and got to work making an EPP mini quilt with it. I’ve never up cycled before, and this was really fun. I like that I took a little bit of Sir and put it into a project of mine. This will hang on my office wall and will likely make me smile every time I look at it! So I present to you…

Sir EPP Mini Quilt

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Hexy MF Redo Quilt

My very first post on this blog was a list of things I wish I had learned earlier in my quilting journey. One of those was following trends just to be a part of something. The Hexy MF quilt along was that project for me. I was excited about learning English paper piecing, and I’ve had a long love of hexagons that predates all those shows on HGTV using hexy tiles on floors and in back splashes.

But the more I got into this project, the more I knew I absolutely hated what the quilt was supposed to look like when it was done. So I put my flowers away for a really long time. I didn’t want to quit, but I knew I couldn’t keep going without another plan. I let the project simmer in my brain until I came up with the idea for the finished quilt.

full size Hexy MF Redo quilt

My final quilt, titled Hexy MF Redo.

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King’s Puzzle Quilt

Every now and then I take on a project that fights me each step of the way. As I get closer and closer to done on these projects, I swear I’m going to set it on fire as soon as it’s finished. If King’s Puzzle hadn’t been gifted so quickly after it was finished, it would definitely be in my fireplace right now!

King's Puzzle Quilt, a red and white bargello

King’s Puzzle Quilt

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