Thread Thursday

Thread Thursday 2: WIP Report Part 2

Two weeks ago, I started Thread Thursday with a first-half update on my WIP list. After 1,000 words and a lot of scrolling, I knew I needed to break things up a bit. For you as a reader and for me as an anxious person!! So here’s the second half of my list:

Projects by Hand

I fell in love with hand appliqué and English paper piecing several years ago and now have several projects going at once so I can sew on the go. They’re also great for nights I want to just sit in front of the TV but not be totally lazy about it.

Naturalist’s Notebook

This amazing project from Sandra Leichner has tons of tiny pieces, but it is so fun to keep layering them on to see the birds come to life. I’m finishing up the embroidery on the third block right now. I may put this project down for long stretches of time, but I’m always delighted to pick it back up.

naturalist's notebook quilt block Read More…

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