Two New Starts

My sewjo has taken a beating during quarantine. Between being exhausted after work and not having a sense of urgency to go into the studio since I’m always home, quilting took a major back seat these past three months. While I learned some new things, I’ve been aching to get back into the studio. So I did what most quilters do and started looking for new projects to inspire me. And today, I have two new starts to share!


Thrive is a product of Suzy from Suzy Quilts, and I’m really excited for this one. We’re working through putting together the quilt top each week, and she’s including meditation activities as well. Who couldn’t use some of that kind of good energy right now? I decided that I needed bright, bold colors to keep me inspired, and I’m so happy with my choices.

fabric for thrive quilt

I’m using Kona Cotton Solids, from front to back: Valentine, Cerise, Orangeade, Tangerine, Malibu, Celestial, Fern, Clover, Berry, and Silver. I’ll use White for the background.


This quilt along from Angie at Gnome Angel has you making… um… 100 blocks in 100 days. Such a clever name!! This one is a lot more intimidating for me. I really want to keep up and do each block on its assigned day. I figured since we’re likely going to be working from home indefinitely, I can go straight to the studio when I wake up and get the blocks done before I start my work day. Not only will that help me keep up, it’s a great way to start the day! When I was picking fabric for this project, I knew I wanted to go even bolder.

fabric for 100 blocks quilt

Since I’m a huge fan of Kona and have them all in my stash, I shopped around until I found the perfect combination. I’m using Flame, Duckling, and Hibiscus. This will also have a White background.

If you’re quilting along with either of these projects, let me know! I want to follow you on IG so I can see your amazing progress.

Hanging In & Making Do

Like a lot of you, our lives changed dramatically since we started quarantine three months ago. When this all started, I thought we’d likely celebrate my birthday (mid-April) in quarantine. Then I thought we’d likely celebrate Sir’s birthday in quarantine (Memorial Day weekend). Then I thought I likely wouldn’t go back into the office until after Labor Day. Now I’m starting to think I won’t see my office until early 2021. And that’s about all the emotional energy I have for these kinds of predictions anymore. Read More…

Thread Thursday 8: COVID Edition

I had a really cool post for you for today, but I just can’t even right now. Between everything that’s in the news and our new daily life, I can only get out a quick COVID edition this week.

I promise I’ll focus on the good, but I need to get some things out first.

The Bleh

I’m exhausted! I work in marketing and communications for the U.S. military health system, so we’ve been working like crazy getting messaging out to service members and their families. And our normal work can’t stop right now too. So it’s like working two full-time jobs. I’m really jealous of the people who are watching every TV show ever on Netflix while I literally work, eat, sleep, repeat.

I also haven’t been in the studio since Sunday. I’m just so tired at the end of the day that I can’t muster up any more energy.

Finally, my daughter is on lock down in San Francisco while I’m here on the east coast. She’s 23 and living with her amazing dad while finishing college, but I’d love to be able to give her a hug right now.

That’s enough on the negative. Here’s some positive:

The Yay

Sir and I both have jobs that can be done from home. We’ll still be getting our paychecks. We’re both doing everything we can to stay well, and it all seems to be working for now.

We’re able to order from our favorite restaurants for delivery because we want them in our neighborhood when this is all over. We had the best Chinese takeout ever last night!

William! My new kitty has been so amazing while we’ve been home. We adopted him about a month ago, and he’s really coming out of his shell with us being around so much. His favorite thing to do is wrestling every night, but he doesn’t seem to like it whenever I let him “win.” Red dot is also a daily favorite.

How Are You Doing?

Seriously. This is a tough time for everyone. I’d love to hear how you’re doing. Leave me a comment, and I’ll answer you as soon as I can.

I’ll leave you with a bonus wrestling picture:

Thread Thursday 6: Sir EPP Mini Quilt

Over winter break, Sir and I went through our closet to put together a pile for donation. I grabbed one of his shirts off the pile and got to work making an EPP mini quilt with it. I’ve never up cycled before, and this was really fun. I like that I took a little bit of Sir and put it into a project of mine. This will hang on my office wall and will likely make me smile every time I look at it! So I present to you…

Sir EPP Mini Quilt

EPP mini quilt Read More…

February Success

A lot of us post about how we made progress on our goals during the month. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to talk about my successes instead. So here is my list for February success (with a little bit of January mixed in because I was too dense to think to do this last month!).

Success 1: Find a New Studio Assistant

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of things I’d like to do in my quilting life in 2020. One of those goals has been fully met! Meet my new studio assistant, William!

William the cat on a chair Read More…

Miss Lizzy Quilt: The First Four Blocks

I’m a little ashamed to say I didn’t discover Angie from Gnome Angel until over the holidays in December when I was taking a much-needed staycation. But I’m so glad I have. As I was going through some of her most recent blog posts, I discovered the Miss Lizzy quilt along she hosted last year. Last year!! You know I love a good quilt along, so I jumped right in. I finished the first four blocks last weekend, so let’s take a look!

Here’s my beautiful Kaffe Fassett bundle I picked up while in Florida last week. It’s so yummy!

bundle of Kaffe Fassett fat quarters Read More…

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