Hexy MF Redo Quilt

My very first post on this blog was a list of things I wish I had learned earlier in my quilting journey. One of those was following trends just to be a part of something. The Hexy MF quilt along was that project for me. I was excited about learning English paper piecing, and I’ve had a long love of hexagons that predates all those shows on HGTV using hexy tiles on floors and in back splashes.

But the more I got into this project, the more I knew I absolutely hated what the quilt was supposed to look like when it was done. So I put my flowers away for a really long time. I didn’t want to quit, but I knew I couldn’t keep going without another plan. I let the project simmer in my brain until I came up with the idea for the finished quilt.

full size Hexy MF Redo quilt

My final quilt, titled Hexy MF Redo.

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