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Flying Geese Tips & Tricks

I’m about to release my very first pattern (squeeee!), and I’ve become somewhat of an expert on flying geese. I thought I’d get you ready for the pattern by sharing my very best flying geese tips.

Use Pins or Change Your Presser Foot Tension

Even with a walking foot, I was noticing some shift in the fabric as I sewed along each side of the line. There are two ways to prevent this: pin your fabric or adjust your presser foot tension.

Pinning can be such a pain – I just hate it – that I decided to adjust my presser foot tension. Most modern sewing machines have this feature, and I use it quite a lot when I’m doing any walking foot quilting. It really cuts down on those weird shift wiggles you can get, and it worked great for this too. When I’m quilting, I’ll lower the pressure all the way down to zero. For fabric shift, try out anything between 15 and 25 to see what works for you.

screen shot of my Bernina sewing machine presser foot adjustments Read More…

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